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Washington Manufacturing Employment Edges Down


EVANSTON, Ill, June 5th, 2018/Manufacturers' News, Inc./-- Manufacturing job growth in Washington State stalled over the past year, reports MNI (Manufacturers' News, Inc.), compiler and publisher of industrial data for all fifty states. According to MNI’s database of manufacturers, Washington lost 400 industrial jobs between March 2017 and March 2018, amounting to a half-percent loss.

Washington is now home to 6,506 industrial companies employing 313,262 workers, according to MNI.

“Layoffs at Boeing continue to put a dent in Washington’s industrial employment levels, and a strong dollar has hurt exports,” says Tom Dubin, President of the Evanston, IL-based publishing company, which has been surveying industry since 1912. “However, the state’s manufacturing employment levels have generally surged in the years following the recession, and a number of site selection factors, including an educated workforce and abundance of capital, suggest Washington State is still poised for growth in the year ahead.”

MNI reports employment losses were led by the transportation equipment sector, which declined by 6.6% over the past year, following continued layoffs at Boeing and Triumph Composite Systems. The transportation equipment industry accounts for the most manufacturing jobs in Washington State, employing 49,638. Additional losses were reported in printing/publishing, down 2.4%; and fabricated metals, down 1%.

Major losses in the state’s transportation sector were offset, however, by a 4% rise in industrial machinery employment, which ranks third in the state with 30,773 jobs.

Employment in second-ranked food processing also notched up, growing 1% over the year. Food processing now employs 43,579 Washington State industrial workers. Additional gains were reported in rubber/plastics, up 8%; electronics, up 4.4%; textiles/apparel, up 4%; and primary metals, up 3%.

Bright spots for the state included the establishment of SGL Automotive Carbon Fiber’s facility in Moses Lake; and the opening of ultrasonic cleaning products maker Omegasonics in Ferndale.

MNI’s regional data shows jobs declined 1.1% in Washington’s Northwest region, which currently accounts for the most industrial jobs in the state, at 204,052 workers. Second-ranked Southwest Washington is home to 65,572 industrial jobs, up 1% over the year. Southeast Washington ranks third with 22,117 jobs, up 9.3% over the year, while Northeast Washington is home to 21,521, down 2.8%.

City data collected by MNI shows Seattle is Washington’s top city by number of manufacturing jobs, down 2.1% to 43,387 jobs. Employment in second-ranked Redmond increased a half percent to 36,324 jobs. Employment fell 7% in third-ranked Everett to 27,462 workers, and fell 2.8% in Kent to 18,966. Vancouver ranks fifth with 12,092 workers, up 2.6% over the year.

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