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Utah Gains Manufacturing Jobs For A Seventh Straight Year


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EVANSTON, Ill, November 27th, 2017/MNI (Manufacturers' News, Inc.)/-- Manufacturing employment in Utah rose 1.4% over the past twelve months, reports MNI (Manufacturers' News, Inc.), Evanston, IL, compiler and publisher of industrial data for all fifty states. According to MNIís database of manufacturers, Utah gained 2,436 industrial jobs between September 2016 and September 2017 -- its seventh straight year of gains.

Utahís 3,488 manufacturers employ 175,637 in the state, reports MNI. Since September of 2010, Utah has added more than 25,000 jobs, and accounts for more industrial workers than it had before the recession.

ďUtahís recovery during the post-recession era is among the strongest in the nation. Numerous manufacturers have set up shop in the state, drawn by its skilled labor pool, abundance of shovel-ready sites, and pro-business environment,Ē says Tom Dubin, President of the Evanston, IL-based publishing company, which has been surveying industry since 1912. ďHowever, global competition and a strong dollar will continue to challenge growth in the years ahead.Ē

Job gains were led by the chemical processing industry, which grew 2.5% and ranks as the stateís third-largest sector by industrial employment, with 17,504 jobs. Additional sectors posting gains over the year included textiles/apparel, up 3.5%; furniture/fixtures, up 3.1%; instruments/related products, up 2.6%; and printing/publishing, up 2%. Industrial machinery and primary metals each posted a 1% increase.

Food processing, Utahís top sector by factory employment, remained steady at 19,386 jobs, as did second-ranked electronics, with 17,437 workers.

Several Utah plant openings were announced over the year, and included pavement supply company SealMaster, which established a new plant in West Valley City. Mueller Industries unveiled plans to open a copper manufacturing facility in Cedar City, and Switzerland-based transportation company, Stadler, announced plans to open a new train production plant in Salt Lake City. In addition, Procter & Gamble announced plans to expand its massive Box Elder paper products plant, adding 200 jobs, and POST Consumer Brands broke ground on a new manufacturing and distribution facility in Salt Lake City.

Just two manufacturing sectors in Utah posted measurable losses. The stone/clay/glass sector shed 4.4% of its workforce, while paper products lost 2%.

Industrial locations announcing closures included Nellson Nutraceuticals, which shifted its powder manufacturing operations to California, and Icon Health & Fitness, which shuttered its home fitness equipment facility in Logan.

MNIís regional data shows industrial job gains in Utah were concentrated in the stateís Northern region, which added 2,391 jobs, or 1.5%. Northern Utah now accounts for 163,287 workers. Industrial jobs rose 2% in Utahís Southern region to 7,061, but for a second straight year, Central Utah lost jobs, down 1.7% to 5,289.

City data collected by MNI shows Salt Lake City ranks first in the state for number of manufacturing jobs, with 52,187 workers, virtually unchanged over the year. Second-ranked Ogden accounts for 14,625 industrial workers, up 1.3%.

Additional Utah cities gaining industrial jobs included South Jordan, up 12%; Draper, up 8%; and Orem, up 3.3%.

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