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Industrial Directory Reports Florida Manufacturing Jobs Down 1% Statewide; Panhandle Up 1.8%

Contact: Jennifer Ratcliff
Manufacturers' News, Inc.
1633 Central St.
Evanston, IL 60201
(847) 864-9440 ext. 241

EVANSTON, IL –Florida’s manufacturing employment dropped 1% over the past 12 months according to the 2007 Florida Manufacturers Register, a manufacturers directory published annually by Manufacturers' News, Inc. (MNI) Evanston, IL. MNI ( reports South and Central Florida lost 6,422 manufacturing jobs while Northern Florida gained 668, resulting in a net loss of 5,754 jobs for the Sunshine State since March 2006.

“This is a trend we’ve seen in other states,” said MNI President, Thomas Dubin. “Although manufacturing output is at record highs, industrial employment is stagnant or declining. This is partly the result of outsourcing, mergers and consolidation, but the nature of today’s manufacturing also plays an important role. Fewer employees are needed due to automation and technology; instead of four assembly line workers, now you may have just one controlling the manufacturing process through a computer.”

In addition, some Florida companies are relocating to other states. MNI identified 34 manufacturers employing slightly over 1,000 workers that left Florida for mostly neighboring states in 2006.

Central Florida accounts for the most manufacturing activity with 46% or 269,240 of the state’s jobs, 17% of which are located in Orange County. 36% or 210,495 of the state’s industrial jobs are located in South Florida, with 34% of these centered in Miami-Dade County. Northeast Florida accounts for 12% of the state’s jobs, while the Panhandle accounts for 6%.

MNI data shows South Florida lost the largest percentage of manufacturing jobs last year at 1.9% with Broward and Palm Beach Counties losing a combined 7%. Central Florida’s losses were less severe, losing just 2,335 jobs (less than 1%). The Panhandle enjoyed a 1.8% increase in manufacturing employment, gaining 633 industrial jobs, while the Northeast posted no significant change over last year.

Manufacturers’ News reports Florida is home to 17,079 manufacturers employing 583,786 workers. MNI surveys both large and small manufacturers, including small start-up companies with just a few employees.

MNI’s regional analysis shows Florida ranks 7th in the nation for manufacturing plants but only 12th in the US for manufacturing jobs. According to MNI data, small manufacturers account for much of Florida’s manufacturing sector with 70% of Florida manufacturers employing 15 or fewer workers, compared to the national average of 61%. Florida ranks first in the Southeast for manufacturing plants, and ranks third for industrial jobs (after North Carolina and Georgia), accounting for 23% of the region’s manufacturers and 16% of its jobs.

Miami is Florida’s top industrial employer accounting for 8.4% of the state’s manufacturing employment, or 49,166 jobs and 1,523 plants. Miami ranks as the Southeast’s largest manufacturing city by number of plants and is the fourth largest in the region for manufacturing jobs (behind Louisville, Atlanta and Charlotte). MNI data shows Miami jobs are down just 1% from last year.

Jacksonville ranks second in the state, accounting for 41,387 jobs and 851 plants, with no significant change from a year ago. Orlando ranks 3rd with 735 plants and 37,491 jobs, up 1.2% over the past 12 months. Tampa ranks fourth with 34,114 jobs and 937 plants, while Melbourne ranks fifth with 19,045 jobs and 188 plants.

Detailed profiles of Florida’s 17,079 companies can be found in the 2007 Florida Manufacturers Register, available in print for $177 and on CD-ROM from $311. Each profile provides up to 30 facts, including vital contact information (phone, web, e-mail), names and titles of 44,712 key executives, product(s) manufactured, annual sales, number of employees, and more. Visitors to may generate custom company selections using thirteen different criteria, including area or zip code, county, SIC, sales volume, number of employees, and more.

Manufacturers' News, Inc., publisher of manufacturers’ directories since 1912, compiles and distributes manufacturing guides, statistics and databases for all 50 states. For more information, contact Manufacturers' News, Inc., 1633 Central St., Evanston, IL, 60201, 847-864-7000, FAX 847-332-1100.
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