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Arizona Manufacturing Jobs Rose 1.4% Over The Past Year

Contact: Jennifer Ratcliff
Manufacturers' News, Inc.
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EVANSTON, Ill, June 19th, 2017/Manufacturers' News, Inc./-- Arizona gained manufacturing jobs over the past year, according to data collected by Manufacturers' News, Inc. (MNI), publisher of industrial databases and directories for all fifty states. MNI reports Arizona added 3,082 manufacturing jobs from April 2016 to April 2017, a 1.4% gain.

This is the largest industrial job gain reported for the state since the years prior to the recession, and while many U.S. states saw significant job gains in the post-recession years, Arizona struggled to keep manufacturing growth steady. Currently, Arizona is home to 5,008 manufacturers employing 218,199.

Arizona’s skilled workforce, abundance of capital, and favorable regulatory environment helped foster a massive semiconductor hub that continues to make headlines, with both Apple and Intel announcing significant investments in their Arizona operations. In addition, the state boasts abundant natural resources, which has attracted numerous manufacturers, both domestic and foreign,” says Tom Dubin, President of the Evanston, IL-based publishing company, which has been surveying industry since 1912. “However, global competition and a strong dollar continues to be a challenge.”

Recent reports suggest the state’s booming electronics sector should see sustained growth in the next several years with Intel announcing a $7 billion investment in its “Fab 42” Chandler computer chip operation, which has sat empty since it was first constructed several years ago. Adding to this, semiconductor packaging company RJR Technologies recently announced it will establish a new factory in Phoenix.

In addition, Nestle opened a new bottling facility in Phoenix; Sidel Group established a beverage bottle cap factory in Peoria; and truck components maker Glendale Manufacturing Co. set up shop at a new location in Glendale.

Gains were spread out across most sectors, reports MNI, with the rubber/plastics sector leading the way, up 9.2% over the past year. Increases were also recorded in electronics, up 4.9%; lumber/wood, up 4.6%; textiles/apparel, up 3.5%; paper products, up 2.4%; and furniture/fixtures, up 1.6%.

Employment also rose in Arizona’s transportation equipment industry, which remains the state’s top sector by number of manufacturing jobs, employing 31,415. Jobs in second-ranked industrial machinery inched down to 27,291, while employment in the third-ranked fabricated metals industry rose 1.7% to 26,311.

Job losses were recorded in just three additional sectors: primary metals, which shed 4.4% of its workforce; printing/publishing, which lost 1.9%; and stone/clay/glass, which decreased by 1%.

Industrial locations announcing closures included ABB Ltd., which closed its solar inverter plant in Phoenix and moved operations to Italy, and W.S. Packaging, which shuttered its facility in Phoenix.

City data collected by MNI shows Phoenix remains the state’s top city by industrial employment, with 70,642 jobs, up 1% over the past year. Employment in second-ranked Tucson rose a half percent to 31,007 industrial jobs, while employment in third-ranked Chandler declined a half percent to 23,623 jobs. Tempe accounts for 21,073 jobs, up 6.4%, while Mesa accounts for 9,754 jobs, up 1%.

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